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Revenue Collection Bureau (RCB) is a full service collections and tax compliance company dedicated exclusively to providing professional current and delinquent debt collection services to municipal and state government. Our staff has extensive experience handling multimillion dollar settlements, as well as small accounts. We understand and observe all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations necessary to develop and implement an effective program that significantly increases collection of delinquent and past due accounts.


We add value - RCB services provide an essential component to municipal revenue collection efforts that extend far beyond the administration and collection of accounts and the enforcement of municipal laws, regulations and ordinances required by local government. We understand that our services have an impact on everyone that visit, work and reside in the municipalities we serve and that the amount of revenue collected effects the level of services provided and the quality of life for residents. Our collection and enforcement programs provide fair and effective methods, ensuring that local businesses and residents are not disadvantaged by businesses and individuals that do not pay appropriate taxes or comply with their tax obligations to the municipalities. 


A Win-Win Proposition -   There are no upfront cost to our clients since our compensation is based solely on a percentage of the amount of debt that we recover.  Simply put, our clients provide us with the necessary information on the debt portfolio, and RCB goes to work uploading the information into our system, deciding the applicable collection strategy and initiating the collection process. The money collected goes directly into a designated lockbox account that can be accessed by the corresponding client.
  We Get Results.


Through partnership with government institutions, RCB can develop effective collection programs that can maximize the recovery of delinquent accounts.

RCB's staff experience in government collections range from 4 to 20 years. We collect and manage outstanding delinquent debt through our multi-faceted automated collection programs. Our affiliated law firms provide litigation services against delinquent debtors unwilling to pay their debt.

Our approach explores every possible avenue to realize successful settlements. Best recovery efforts are achieved utilizing methods and techniques that are reasonable and appropriate. Our collection strategy is aggressive but fair. RCB’s dunning process is professional, efficient and effective, leading to successful settlements of accounts that may otherwise go uncollected.

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RCB is a Philadelphia based company located just 15 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. We are strategically located in the Mayfair section of the City, with easy access to public transportation (Market-Frankford train- and bus routes run pass our location), and major highways including US Route 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard) and Route 95.

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